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Primary Liaison and Recovery Service (PLRS)

The Primary Liaison and Recovery Service (PLRS) forms part of the Sutton Uplift Mental Health and Wellbeing Service.  The key functions of the team are:

  • To act as the single point of access for all referrals to community Mental Health Services for adults (aged 18 – 75) in Sutton.
  • To provide prompt mental health expertise, advice and guidance to Sutton GPs and other professionals.
  • To initiate brief mental health interventions which can be supported by colleagues in Primary Care
  • To offer recovery focused support to service users, when needed, following higher intensive treatment in the Integrated Recovery Hub (IRH), prior to returning to the care of the GP.

All new referrals are received by the PLRS where the team will review the information and make initial telephone contact with the person who has been referred.  In this initial telephone call, the member of the PLRS team will have a discussion with you to gather information that will help in guiding you to the most appropriate treatment and support. 

You can expect them to ask you the following questions when they call you:

  • How are you currently feeling and how long have you had these current difficulties?
  • How would you describe your mood? How are your sleep, appetite, energy, concentration? 
  • What are your relationships like with friends, family, partners and work colleagues?
  • How safe are you feeling?
  • Have you had any mental health difficulties in the past? (If yes – then exploring these un more detail including what has been helpful and what has not been helpful in the past)
  • What is your current social situation (this includes current accommodation; employment or education; any financial issues; your support network).
  • Do you have carer responsibilities or are in receipt of care/carer support?
  • Exploring your use of alcohol and any other substances.
  • Asking about your current physical health and any medications you are currently prescribed

Staff in the PLRS will work collaboratively with you to plan the next steps in supporting your mental health.

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