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"Even if they are not sure whether therapy will help them, or if they feel in any way too embarrassed about what others will think of them, to seek help, I would urge them to do it. Trust me, you have everything to gain. And absolutely nothing to lose."

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)

IPT is a 16-session integrative treatment for depression which maintains a ‘here and now’ perspective. The treatment aims to understand depressive symptoms in an interpersonal context, and it is framed around one of four predetermined interpersonal themes.

In therapy, the IPT model progresses through three main phases, each with distinct tasks. The assessment phase emphasises the collaborative review and integration of the interpersonal and symptomatic narratives. During the middle sessions interventions are targeted at one of four key focal areas – interpersonal role transitions, interpersonal role disputes, grief or interpersonal sensitivity.

The final phase of treatment addresses issues of ending, allowing for a review of progress and relapse prevention work. For some clients, a fourth phase, which aims to maintain good outcome and support relapse prevention, is negotiated.

A Partnership Between:

  • South West London and St George's Mental Health Trust
  • Recovery College
  • Sutton Age UK
  • Off the Record
  • Sutton Carers Centre
  • Citizen’s Advice Sutton
  • Sutton Mental Health Foundation
  • ieso