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"Even if they are not sure whether therapy will help them, or if they feel in any way too embarrassed about what others will think of them, to seek help, I would urge them to do it. Trust me, you have everything to gain. And absolutely nothing to lose."

Bereavement Counselling

The death of someone significant can feel overwhelming. Grief reactions vary enormously, may involve many different feelings or none, and can shake people’s foundations to the core. The process of adjusting to loss, which we call mourning or grieving, is also very individual, has no set timescale, and often involves working through several stages and tasks before any acceptance; recovery or meaningful re-engagement in life can be achieved.

Bereavement counselling aims to help people cope with their grief. We offer 8 sessions which can help people move through different stages of the process. Bereavement is also a natural process that needs time to unfold, so it is not recommended people seek counselling immediately after a loss.

Bereavement counselling works primarily by helping people to talk about their loss. Finding ways to express and tolerate the pain is often essential as bottling up emotions or denying them in the long term can be unhelpful. Bereavement counselling also helps people learn about how grieving works and activities they can do to help themselves. It may identify areas which keep people stuck, address unresolved conflicts or assist people in adjusting to changed circumstances and relationships.

Bereavement counselling also recognises recovery is not about going back to how you were before. You may never stop missing the person you have lost, but with the right support and time you can rebuild your sense of self and your ability to trust and enjoy life again.

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